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Applejack episodes usually tend to be the simpler episodes, even by slice of life format, which is not by any means a bad thing, it just means we have to set our expectations to a more mundane story that may not have fantasy heavy elements like the other members of the Mane Six will have. We know how AJ and Big mac are the two ponies who handle the vast majority of work around the farm, and so it is to be expected that with such a dedicated work ethic, AJ is a pony who very much comes off as a workaholic. This can be good, but it can also be unhealthy, although it seems to be that Rarity is wanting AJ to relax more out of her own desires to spend time with a friend than any health reasons.

Which, again, isn't necessarily bad. AJ has made allot of promises she couldn't keep, and being self employed on top of stubborn makes it so she still doesn't care much for getting help. What is interesting is that it's hard, if not impossible, for her turn off her practical handy mare senses. Due to her stubborn nature, if there is an obvious problem to be fixed, she cannot resist getting involved to fix it herself!

This is where the episode gives me mixed feelings. We see how easily Applejack figures out the contradictory circular reasoning of the Spa staff (which seem to be quite under staffed for such an establishment), but she isn't able to realize how unnecessary the full extent of her own routines are when it comes to farm work. It helps that Rarity was able to see her dedication to fixing unnecessary problems, but to me it feels like she was hit with the idiot stick in order to learn a lesson that wasn't really a problem for her before. It shows a lack of understanding of the characters when you have to contradict a character trait in order to create conflict and drive the story forward.

Yet at the same time, I don't see this as big enough a flaw to really make the episode bad. It was entertaining seeing Applejack dramatically put on her tool belt, as well as to see Twilight trying to go through the over complicated list because AJ laid out the very specific order. Twilight is usually the one to make situations over complicated, but in this case, she was simply following orders due to her ignorance on the subject of farming!

This makes for good comedy and entertainment, and it could be justified that Applejack's stuborness means she doesn't realize why she's contradicting herself. But this episode just needed this little extra justification to solidify the conflict and fully realize the depths of these characters that other writers have come to show. And honestly, I would also like an episode that further shows Rainbow Dash's feminine side! It was nice that aside from a little light smirking, Rarity and Applejack were still happy to spend time relaxing with spa treatments with her. I give this episode a first impressions rating of a B+.
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I love the perspective and the clothes tearing effect on this. You've managed to create something epic out of a very simple style. A bi...


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